2016 Footwear Guide: Quick 10 W/ Windsor James



Windsor James has been on C1RCA for over a decade so it only made sense to pick his brain on what he considers a good skate shoe. For our 2016 Footwear Guide presented by Skate Warehouse, we caught up with Windsor to get the rundown on his favorite C1RCA model, how involved he is with the designing of his shoes, toe cap vs. no cap, and much more.


What C1RCA model do you skate the most?
My pro model: The Essential.

What are some key elements that you look for in a good skate shoe?
Comfort, stability and I’d say looks! No one wants to look down at their feet and be bummed! That can ruin your day.

How involved are you with the designing of the shoes you skate?
I was involved with the design of my shoe about 60%. You can’t go too crazy because the sales people know what’s good and not good!

How often do you go through a pair of shoes?
I skate shoes like PJ Ladd did in the Coliseum video—if the padding in the sole is good I can skate a shoe for ages.

Frontside half-Cab. Photo: Gould

Frontside half-Cab. Photo: Gould

Do you prefer vulcanized shoes or cup soles?
Vulcanized is the best for feeling, but hurtful on the feet. So it’s really up to the person.

Where do you stand in the toe cap vs. no cap deabate?
I like them both!? They’re both WET.

Hi top, mid top, or low top?
ALL. If the shoe looks good, wear it no matter what!

Some dudes prefer to skate without insoles but some dudes need a nice, thick insole to feel comfortable. Which do you prefer?
I use the stock C1RCA insoles and just cruise with that. I’d rather have board feeling than pillows to land on [laughs].


Do you skate your shoes straight out of the box or do you have some remedies like the microwave trick?
Straight out the box, then grip tape the sides till the Casper flip is on. Trevor Colden knows what I’m talking about! [Laughs]

If you could skate one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?
The Essential, baby boy!


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