Andrew Kristos

Your full name, age, location?
Kristos A. Andrews-Drum, August 25th, 1990, Santa Monica, LA, CA

Music genres/bands?
I like a lot of stuff. the list would be endless. mellow music when im relaxed.. and anything with a solid beat when im up and about.

Are you into any other activities beside skateboarding?
Hanging out with friends, walking my dog, partying, watching movies, and making/recording music. work wise, a talent agency submits me for TV/ film jobs on a regular basis and i have a day job as an apprentice/assistant for an entrepreneur.

When did you start skating?
8 or 9 yrs old

What is your favorite trick?
Frontside flip, tre flip, hardflip, and laser flip

Who do you skate for? (sponsors)
Sneaux shoes, Arbor clothing, ZJ Skate Shop

What are your favorite spots to skate?
Santa Monica High, Downtown LA, Malibu, Culver City Skatepark

What skating videos do you like the most? Which skater? And why?
I like like “Misled Youth,” “Chomp on This,” and “Yeah Right” because aside from them being completely entertaining, i grew up watching them as my inspiration. I like “Fully Flared,” “Baker 3G,” and “And Now” because they impress me and have some great skaters in them. I like Marc Johnson, Andrew Reynolds, Mike-mo Capaldi and Sean Malto because of their styles. Also, I like my friend Jeremiah Bohnet. He cracks me up, and is a great skater.

Which are the most important contests you have participated in? Best results?
X Games High School Am Street ’07- 1st Place
X Games High School Am Street ’08- Finalist
Maloof Money Cup ’08
NHSSA ’07- 1st place and team MVP
NHSSA ’08- 1st place, perfect season
GBWR ’07- record for “most consecutive kickflips in under a minute” (23)
GBWR ’07- record for “longest stationary nose manual” (327.5 sec)

Have you ever heard of Romania or a romanian skater?
I know of Romania, and have met a few Romanians before, but I can’t list any Romanian skaters off the top of my head.

Last question, what’s your advice to the youth of skateboarding?
My advice to the youth of skateboarding is to
A. be fearless
B. be smart
C. get a promo video together asap and give it to companies
D. wear heel padding for big drops
E. when girls and partying come into your life, dont get too distracted
F. enjoy yourself

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