Video Check Out: Noah Lora


Age: 19
Home: Escondido, California
Sponsors: $lave, DC, Brixton, The House of Vista, Psockadelic
Am who should be pro: Garret Lekas and Jet Caputo.
Video you can’t wait to see: Footage Party Pt.II.
Recommended follow on IG: @rippymoleberg or @1800bobbylong.
Dream sponsor: Apple.
Good advice: Be thankful.
Bad habit: Over thinking stuff.
Thing to do before you die: Have fun.
Next trip: Anywhere.

Noah is real talk, a new breed of shredder—your streets aren’t safe when he’s around. Any spot is a go no matter what it is: ledges, gaps, rails, tranny. He’s low-key all-terrain. Nothing fazes him, the future will show this kid’s potential. What you know is over, Noah’s here to stay.—Austin Ayub

Follow Noah on IG: @noahlora
Video / @austin_ayub
Photo / J-Hon

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