Vans Pool Party Winning Runs


The unstoppable Pedro Barros demonstrated another breathtaking feat of talent, blasting through huge airs in lightning fast runs to win his third Vans Pool Party championship title to date! Here’s how Pedro took 1st place.

Here’s how Darren Navarette, the Vertical Vampire, took 1st place in the Masters division at the 2016 Vans Pool Party with his perfect first run.

In an unforgettable performance, Bones Brigade legend Lance Mountain earned his first Legends win at the 12th annual Vans Pool Party. Edging out podium veteran Steve Caballero, who placed in 2nd, and unseating nine-time Pool Party title-holder Chris Miller, who finished in third. Here’s how Lance Mountain took won the Legends division at the 2016 Vans Pool Party.


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