Syrmo Smart Pad


We’ve seen similar gadgets like this before, but this one looks a bit more dialed. It still remains to be seen if skaters want to have this extra weight on their boards or if they even care about these types of analytics. At any rate, read on:

“Syrmo is a Smart Pad that skateboarders fit to the truck of their skateboard, it has electronic sensors that track every movement of the skateboard and connects to an App on their smartphones and records all the tricks in 3D. So the skater can see the tricks again (with all the details regarding height, angles, air time, pop force, number of tricks of the session, fails, learnings, statistics…) share them on social media, analyse tricks and improve them, beat rankings, beat your friends or other skaters and level up your position in the rankings, challenge friends to beat your records, choose new skateboarding routes and many more. In short, Syrmo is the biggest social network for skaters.”


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