Video Check Out: Ronnie Kessner


Age: 19
Home: Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey
Sponsors: Element, DC, eswic, Thunder, Spitfire, Glassy, Kinetic Skate Shop

Best live show witnessed: Any session with Chris Wimer.
Dream tour: Spain or Brazil.
Who hooked you up: My mom and Dad.
Am who should be pro: Jack Olson.
Best style: Tyson Peterson.
Recommended IG follow: @bucklebroadcastnetwork.
Most underrated skater: Kevin Liedtke.
Best warm-up spot: A good mini-ramp.

I like Ronnie Kessner for his positive energy, intelligence and humility, he’s one hell of a good kid. He definitely saves all the savagery for the board, I’ll vouch for that.—Donny Barley

Follow Ronnie on IG: @ronniekessner

Photo / @alex_papke


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