20 Years of Zero Skateboards


Whenever the baseline in Pailhead’s “I Will Refuse” starts playing, the hair on my arm rises. It’s a situation that is completely out of my control. It doesn’t necessarily happen because I’m a huge Pailhead fan or anything, and without taking anything away from them, it’s simply because that song will forever be engraved my brain as the “Misled Youth intro song.” On my way home from the Zero 20 Year Art/Photo show last night, myself and Transworld editor-in-chief, Jaime Owens put on the Misled Youth soundtrack and went for a nostalgic ride. As each song would come on, I could literally replay every trick that was happening in the video in my mind (which I’m sure a lot of you reading this could also). Despite the fact that Jaime and I grew up skating in completely different eras, we both shared the same exact spark and feeling when we heard each song come on and that’s not a feeling you get so often these days. I got jolted back to a time in my life where that video—and all skate videos—were everything. But being there in that gallery space surrounded by years and years of Zero graphics, photos, old demo flyers, memorabilia and more, and seeing the different generations of past and present Zero riders all in the same place (from Lopez, Ellington and Mumford to Brockman, Burman and their newest pro, Windsor James) it was definitely a trip down memory lane. Certain photos and certain ads brought me back to a time when (to me personally) things were simple and exciting. Big thanks to the Chief himself, Jamie Thomas and every Zero rider—old and new—for influencing so many generations with your videos, music, graphics and lifestyle. Skateboarding wouldn’t be the same without you! Zero or Die. —Brian Blakely

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