2016 Footwear Guide: Quick 10 W/ Wes Kremer



He defines the phrase “your favorite skater’s favorite skater,” and he always will. He is the epitome of a “skate rat,” and embraces the lifestyle so naturally that it’s hard to decide what you envy more—his carefree approach to everything in life or his incredibly nonchalant skateboarding skills. And on the eve of his 2nd pro model DC shoe release, we figured it was the perfect time to hit up Krusty K to get his footwear preferences, break-in remedies, and more for our 2016 Footwear Guide presented by Skate Warehouse.


What DC model do you skate most?
The second round of the Krust. (Wes Kremer 2).

What are some key elements that you look for in a good skate shoe?
Something comfortable, easy to slip on, and that helps you feel your board.


You’re second pro model is about to drop. How involved are you with the designing of your shoes?
Me and my homies over in the footwear department collaborate and they ask me what I would like to see. I give them a description and they give some basic blueprints of where they took my idea. We figure out which direction we want to go in and make it happen. Luckily there’s not too much trial and error with this one [Wes Kremer 2].

How often do you go through a pair of shoes? Do you try and conserve them or just blast through them?
It depends on how much I’m skating. I skate my shoes until they’re dead. Usually it’ll take a month to break ’em off.

Where do you stand on the vulcanized shoes versus cup sole debate?
Vulcanized because for me, they’re easier to break in and help you get comfy on your board.


Toe cap or no cap?
Toe caps for All-Stars. No caps for the beach.

Hi top, mid top, or low top?
Just depends on the kick.

Some dudes prefer to skate without insoles but some need a nice, thick insole to feel comfortable. Which do you prefer?
However Jaws does it.


Do you skate your shoes straight out of the box or do you have some remedies like the microwave trick?
No tricks for the kicks. Just a good twist or two and maybe some old socks. A good hang-up to flat helps break in a fresh pair.

If you could skate one pair of shoes for the rest of your life what would they be?
The D3 2001. Duhhhh!


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