Chaz Ortiz – Barcelona to Madrid


This was your first time in Spain just to skate street. You visited Barcelona last year for Street League but were at the contest pretty much the entire time, right? What was it like going there solely to skate?
Yeah, the last time I was there I was at the contest the whole time so I didn’t get to skate street that much. Going there just to street skate and film this time was really cool. It was definitely something I’ve always wanted to do.

How did the trip come about?
Pretty much, JBL reached out to work with me and then before I knew it we were going to Spain.

Just like that! How long were you out there?
Yeah, we were out there for five nights, six days. It was cool, a good amount of time.

What were the days typically like?
We would pretty much just wake up, eat, and just get the day started. There was a lot that went on behind the scenes of the project, not just strictly skating of course. All the B-roll and stuff that goes into a project takes a lot of time, too. So all of that and then just skating.

You guys visited Barcelona, Zaragoza, and Madrid. Which city did you enjoy the most?
I enjoyed Barcelona the most for sure. We didn’t have to drive anywhere or anything and you can just skate around the whole time. Good weather. A lot more pros live out there, too. It was a good time.

Beyond the amazing skate spots, what was the architecture and culture like? Good food? Cool people?
It was great being in the Spanish culture like that, all the people are super amazing, and all the cities are beautiful. All around, it’s a great place to go, I feel like it’s got everything.

You travel with Travis Glover a lot. What’s it like traveling with him? Was he your go-to choice for this trip?
Yeah, we’ve been traveling together for a really long time. He’s a good dude, fun to kick it with. He’s one of my really good friends so I’m glad he was on the trip.

What kind of music did you have playing in your headphones when you were out there? Do you skate with headphones a lot?
Yeah, I do when I want to just cruise around and get in my zone. And for traveling of course. So essential! I listen to lots of hip-hop for sure. Anything new. I like to stay up on the latest mixtapes and stuff.

Tell me what it was like traveling everywhere by train out there? How are those rides?
That train was like no train I’ve ever been on! It was really crazy going through the countryside. The train was flying!

Now that you’re back in Chicago, are you itching to get back out there anytime soon? Did you have a favorite spot or anything?
Yeah, for sure. I’d love to go back and just kick it and I definitely want to film some more out there. My favorite spot was Macba for sure, but the whole city is just a skatepark.

What were the locals like everywhere you went?
Everyone was just super nice. It was cool. And everyone shreds out there!

Tell me what it was like working with filmmakers Jon Holland and Edu Munoz on this project? They’re no strangers to Barcelona. Did they have a bunch of spots on deck?
Yeah, they knew a lot of spots, that’s for sure! They were super cool dudes. All of us had a lot of fun. I’d definitely like to film with them in the future!

Well now that you’re a vet, what are a few things you’d recommend to people planning to visit Barcelona for the first time?
Just cruise from spot to spot. Spend more time at certain spots if you want but mainly just cruise around and try to get some tricks! For any skater, I’d highly recommend it. The place is a skate palace!

Let’s wrap it up. Best part of the trip?
The best part of the trip was just skating around the whole time and hanging out with everyone at night and stuff. That was really fun. We all had good vibes and overall just had a really great time.


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