Derot Florian

Your full name, age, location?
Derot Florian ,19 years old, i live in france,next to Paris more exactly

Music genres/bands?
I love pretty much everything Rock, Hip Hop,Rap,Rnb… just i hate reggae

Are you into any other activities beside skateboarding?
I began learning to drive… but that’s all i don’t work for the moment so i’m free to practice my Passion

When did you start skating?
I started skating at 14 years old next to my house looks like everybody

What is your favorite trick?
360 flip that’s my favorite

Who do you skate for? (sponsors)
Chosen wear

What are your favorite spots to skate?
I don’t know really i love a lot of spot but for sure i like curb and manual pad rails and gap, a bit of everything

What skating videos do you like the most? Which skater? And why?
I like fully flared, forecast, Nothing.But.The.Truth, Time.To.Shine, all the “Sorry” video, Cheese and Crackers,Girl – Yeah Right!, Baker.3, skate more, and many other.
Derot Florian: i like dawonsong and haslam for their creativities,P-Rod, Mike Mo,Sheckler J-Roger for their style,their tricks are perfect i like that but i like a lot of other skater to

Which is the most important thing when you skate?
To Enjoy the feeling and make a Good session with my friend
take the time to learn new trick

Which are the most important contests you have participated in? Best results?
I did the championship of france and other small contest
I am in the middle of the classification for a championship
I already arrived between 1 and 5 on a small contest

Have you ever heard of any romanian skater? and if so, what’s your opinion?
Sorry never, but that’s probably cause i leave in france

Last question, what’s your advice to the youth of skateboarding?
Do not burn stage,take your time and the most important
keep fun

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