Garage Goes Vegas


“We got a stacked team over here at Garage. How can one team have the best twins in the game and the best trio of brothers? I mean what are the odds? Anyways, it was long overdue for Jack’s Garage to hit the road for their first team trip so we left the OC bubble and headed out to Vegas for a weekend. A rather risky first trip idea one might say considering Vegas’ conduciveness to everything but skating. Fortunately, we got a bunch of level headed dudes who didn’t fall victim to the allure of the craps tables and lose a clean hundred or two like yours truly. Instead the team skated their asses off and came back with some footage, photos, and most likely bed bugs, to prove it. Take a look and see for yourself what happens when you bring half of the Brunners, two thirds of the McClungs, and some of OC’s finest to the godforsaken hell hole of a city we call Vegas.”

WORDS / John Demar


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