KR3W Rights Refused, Fergus Purcell


KR3W Denim is proud to present the Fergadelic collection, designed by acclaimed British artist and designer Fergus Purcell, known for his work with Palace Skateboards, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Aries, Silas, Paul Smith and Daft Punk just to name a few. Fergus started his career at Slam City Skates while attending college at St. Martin’s and has parlayed his love of punk, metal, skateboarding and popular iconography into the mashed-up aesthetic he is known for today. This footage that comprises this video was filmed by Fergus in and around London England and on a recent trip to New Zealand.

KR3W is proud to present the FERGADELIC x KREW RIGHTS REFUSED collaboration for Spring 2016, available in select retailers worldwide.


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