Long Beach Long Bar Video


Yesterday we held our Long Beach Long Bar contest at Agenda consisting of a 100-foot flatbar and endless possibilities. Despite the blazing heat, tons of skaters came and flew at the flatbar full speed trying their best to grind the long behemoth. Only one person grinded the whole thing during the contest (Eric “Buddha” Jones) but lots of over-50-foot grinds of all sorts went down. Cheers to Jamie Foy who took first, Dylan Williams in second (sorry we didn’t get any clips of you Dylan, it was hectic!), and Jack Olson in third. Ricta wheels gave out $100 each for the longest crooked grind (Chris Troy), longest 50-50 (Eric Jones), and longest feeble (Elijah). Thanks to everyone that skated and watched. And to all of our sponsors: WeedMaps.com, Supra Footwear, SK8MAFIA, GoPro, and KR3W. Check the photos.

Video / @joepease @sulltrain @christhiessen


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