POTM: Dwindle Heritage Series



When Steve Rocco approached Natas Kaupas in 1991 about starting his own brand, Natas soon left his sponsor at the time, Santa Monica Airlines, and began 101 Skateboards. A staple in the early ’90s, the 101 team was comprised of a gang of heavy hitters throughout the years, with rosters including the likes of Eric Koston, Jason Dill, Kris Markovich, Clyde Singleton, and Gino Iannucci just to name a few. And in an era that is thriving as much (if not more) as it were in the actual ’90s, it’s no surprise that Dwindle is hitting us with these 101 Heritage reissue decks today.

Included in the Heritage series are Natas’ notorious Devil Worship graphic and Gabriel Rodriguez’s famed Jesus graphic—both available silk-screened or heat-transferred on their original shapes. Limited Natas Devil Worship apparel items are available as well. In addition to these nostalgic reissues, Cliché also made two tribute graphics—a Lucas Puig Virgin Mary deck and a Sammy Winter Satan deck.

Whether you’re a collector, a skate nerd, or simply a fan of these graphics, I suggest hitting up your local shop and getting yours today. —Brian Blakely


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