Steven Webb

Your full name, age, location?
My name’s Steven Webb, im 17 and im from redlands, CA

Music genres/bands?
Im really into oldies music

When did you start skating?
I started skating in april of 1997

Im regularly goofy

How did you get where you are now?
I dont really know about this question. to properly answer it id have to tell my life story

What is your favorite trick?
Frontside 5-0 grinds on transitions or ollie impossibles

Who do you skate for? (sponsors)
Chocolate, adio, independent, matix, autobahn, redbull and decked out boardshop

What are your favorite spots to skate?
Some good transition, smooth flatground and a buttery ledge

Two things you couldn’t live without?
Skateboard and friends for sure

What skating videos do you like the most? Which skater? And why?
I like watching older videos, but i can appreciate videos from any era. it’s amazing to see the progression in street skating during the early 90’s. im most inspired by dudes like marc johnson, kenny anderson, mike carroll, rick howard, eric koston lavar mcbride, daewon song, jovantae turner, colin commito and guy mariano. each of those dudes have contributed a lot to skating in my opinion.

Which are the most important contests you have participated in? Best results?
I skated in an amatuer redbull manny mania contest that was really fun. it was more of a big session on some crazy obstacles than a contest. i had a great time at that.

Which is the most important thing when you skate?
Water. it sucks when you’re at the session without a gallon of water

Have you ever heard of any romanian skater? and if so, whats your opinion?
I’ve never heard of anybody from out there. it’s always interesting to see skaters from other parts of the world because most of the time the architecture is very different and its intriguing to see how each skater adapts to it.

Last question, whats your advice to the youth of skateboarding?
Ss cliche as this is, have fun. only skate as much as you want to, if you’re not having fun then don’t skate.

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