Street League Pro Open Day 1 Video


Day One of the 2016 SLS Nike SB Pro Open at the Skate Agoura in Barcelona went down on Saturday and the top qualifier was Tommy Fynn. Tommy eventually went on to be one of the new SLS pros.

The Nike SB Pro Open is SLS’ official international qualifier and functions as a pathway into SLS. Saturday’s top 8 will face the current 27 SLS Pros and Picks in the semifinals. Last year at the Pro Open, rookies Cody McEntire and Evan Smith outperformed the invitees and won their way on to the SLS World Tour. Then through the remaining stops they both managed to make the top ten overall– and it all began last year with a dream in Barcelona.

This time around about 30 international skaters from 14 countries went head to head in 5 heats under windy but cool conditions. Aurelien Giraud of France, won Tampa Am last December and with it came the opportunity to skate today’s contest. Joining him was Yoshi Tanenbaum who made it by winning three Damn Am contests. Them being here is a result of the partnership established last year between SLS and SPoT to help create a true qualification system for competitive street skating.

On Sunday, these top 8 will hope to make the top 8 in the semis which would get them to the finals. The top two non-SLS pros will be the two brand new SLS pros and the winner of the Pro Open gets a Golden Ticket to the 2016 SLS NIke SB Super Crown World Championship in Los Angeles. Check out the photos.

Day One Results:
1. Tommy Fynn – 31.2
2. Ryo Sejri – 27.8
3. Boo Johnson – 26.1
4. Tiago Lemos – 25.9
5. Karsten Kleppan – 25.9
6. Curren Caples – 25.8
7. Moses Adams – 23.8
8. Madars Apse – 22.6

By Reggie Altema
Video / @phdylon


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