TOTF Crew In New York


The Too Old Too Fat crew escaped their wives, children, and jobs for a weekend and hit the streets of NYC like old times.

“Skating has long taken precedence over responsibilities. Hanging all day at the local spot, sippin’ your first brew, puffin’ your first joint and flirting with the local shorty’s, all the while pushing your board back and forth in the pursuit to overcome the challenge that is skateboarding and the joy rewarded by rolling away from whatever trick you challenged yourself to learn that day. But what happens when you blink your eyes and 15-20 years has flown by? You’ve become responsible for your girl. Maybe some kids of your own? Yet, your love for skateboarding has remained unchanged? You adjust. You plan ahead. You call the dudes, set a date, get it okayed from wifey with the promise you will take her somewhere nice on vacation if you can just have the weekend with your boys in New York! The Too Old Too Fat crew are all over 30, work 50 hour a week jobs, some have wives and kids and yet they still find time to take skate trips simply for the love of skateboarding.”

WORDS / Luke MacMaster


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