Video Check Out: Donny Duhadway


Age: 26
Home: Dana Point, California
Sponsors: Permanent Vacation Skateboards, Focus Boardshop, YTRAP grip, Sk8 LoCos, Trader Joe’s #103

Best live show witnessed: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 2013.
Dream tour: Sk8 LoCos, LAG crew, CSxSS, and the Farm Boyz.
Who hooked you up: Jake Johannes.
Am who should be pro: Colin Emery.
Best style: Kevin Cavallo.
Recommended IG follow: @yankondeez, @adolfos_after_hours_, @shaneallenphotography
Most underrated skater: Danny and Mike Greene.
Best warmup spot: SC Highschool slappy curbs.

Donny is a 100-percent skate rat with a taste for nostalgia like no other. He can flip in, flip out if he’d so desire but he mostly prefers to annihilate unique terrain no one else can conquer. Ride on my brother! I’ll see you in the deep end!—Brian Anderson

Follow Donny on IG: @mojovato
Video / @s_haring
Photo / @codysimmons

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