Video Check Out: Gage Boyle


Age: 18
Home: Simi Valley, California
Sponsors: Real, Emerica, Spitfire, Thunder, Lurk Hard, Knowgood Hardware, Active, Glassy, Skatelab, Filmbot, Bronson Speed Co.

Am who should be pro: Jack Olson.
Video you can’t wait to see: Another Michael Pulizzi part.
Recommended follow on IG: @kookslams.
Dream sponsor: Real Skateboards.
Good advice: Skate as much as possible.
Bad habit: Rolling my ankles.
Thing to do before you die: Meet Toni Iommi.
Next trip: PHXAM.

Look, Gage kills it. You, I and everyone else knows it. It’s a given. Duh. Gage is one of those lucky fuckers with the style and skills that most of us wish for. What you may not know about Gage is that Gage has rad parents. Yep I said it. They have always 100-percent backed the hell out of Gage and skateboarding. At every event—not pushing—just being there with and for everyone. Here’s to the the Boyle’s—you guys all rip.—Jim Thiebaud

Follow Gage on IG: @gageboyle
Video / Snyder
Photo / @kevin_denning

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