Video Check Out: Matt Lane


Age: 25
Home: Reading, Massachusetts
Sponsors: Independent, Acid Wheels, Eastern Boarder

Recommended iPhone app: Datpiff.
Can’t live without: Nick Roast Beef.
Lucky charm: Iced coffee.
Video you’re looking forward to: Made Chapter 2.
Best live show you’ve seen: Sabado Gigante.
Am who should be pro: Sean Brooks.
Best skater to be stranded on an island with: Dave Mull.
Best style: Donny Barley.

If most people that know Matt Lane were forced to describe him with one word, that word would be savage.  Having already left almost every spot in Massachusetts in shambles, Matt set out to the West Coast where he has been on a steady killing spree for the last couple years. Last one to leave the party and first one up to bondo the crack at the spot, you will be seeing a lot more of Matt Lane in the years to come.—John Nicholson

Follow Matt on IG: @mattlane90

Photo / @buddybleckley

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