Video Check Out: Max Taylor


Age: 26
Home: Austin, Texas
Sponsors: Program Skateboards, CONS, N0-Comply Skate Shop, Ripndip, Bones Wheels, Bones Swiss

Am who should be pro: Ryan Townley.
Video you can’t wait to see: Deep Fried America.
Recommended follow on Instagram: @lit_man.
Dream sponsor: Yerba mate.
Good advice: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
Bad habit: Wearing the same clothes for too long.
Thing to do before you die: Live.
Next trip: Vancouver.

Max has been in the game for years: fun to watch, deep bag of tricks, makes it look easy with a raw, timeless style that will get you hyped. If you somehow haven’t seen any of his parts, look them up; they don’t get old. Consistent with good attitude and good times, he is part of the program for the future.—Elias Bingham

Follow Max on IG: @macktyler43
Video / @piglacquer

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