Woodward West – Mano A Mano Mini Ramp Game of Skate


Here’s everything you need to know about the Camp Woodward “Mano A Mano” Mini Ramp Game of S.K.A.T.E tournament. 16 skaters were brought together at Woodward West to compete head-to-head. Competing in a single-elimination format, 15 games span across four rounds from April 12 until-May 6 when we’ll crown our first “Mano a Mano” champion.

Skaters involved: Ben Hatchell, Ben Nordberg, Brad McClain, Chris Haslam, CJ Collins, Cody McEntire, Daniel Vargas, Dave Bachinsky, David Gravette, David Loy, Josh Borden, Sam Beckett, Sebo Walker, Taylor Bingaman, Tom Remillard and Tyson Bowerbank.


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